Do you sell other brands?

We only sell the 5 models of Riedell (172, 220, 297, 336, 3200).  We are focusing on those because it is hard to find them in stock at local shops to see and try to figure out of if that is what you really want.

How do I know you have the size of the boot I’m interested in?

We have Riedells most popular sizes in stock.  Please email (shannon@backbeatskates) to confirm we have your size before making an appointment to come in.

Why do I need an appointment to come in?

Back Beat Skates is run by Shannon & Ryan Baldwin between their regular jobs, so an appointment is necessary. We are available for appointments 6 days a week.

How does Color Lab work?

All of the boots we carry can be ordered in Color Lab. We will properly measure your foot, help you design your skates and handle all of the paperwork necessary to get your skates ordered.

If I love the boots I try on at your shop, can I buy them?

Yes, all boots are new and have never been mounted.  You are welcome to purchase to cut down on your wait time.

What is included in the $100 nonrefundable fee for Try n Buy?

A virtual consultation to determine your needs and approximate size & FedEx shipping both ways.