Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Choosing the color and design of your skates can be overwhelming given the amount of choices that are available. Make it a fun process! Whether you are going for bright colors and graphics or just a hit of an accent on a specific part of the boot, you’ve got choices!  Riedell boots come in black or white, or, for an additional fee of $160, you can choose from a rainbow of colors and textures that include smooth leather, pebbled leather, suede & metallics in their Color Lab program! All of the boots we carry at Back Beat Skates are eligible for Color Lab. When ordering through us, we ensure all of the small details are done correctly and can help guide you on your decisions.

Once your order is placed, your new boots will arrive in 6-10 weeks.  It is important to note that your new boots may feel slightly different than the boots that you tried on given the materials chosen & boot style. All boots are handmade by Riedell so there will always be minimal differences.

Custom Riedell Roller Skates
Color Lab Available to Match Your Style!

To start the process of designing your skates, we suggest choosing your boot style first. Give us a call to start the process and help you design the skates of your dreams!

Phone: 714-442-2663

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