We are extremely excited to be able to offer Komplex wheels at Back Beat Skates! Straight from Italy, these wheels are beautiful, suit a number of different skating styles with a variety of  different sizes, hardness & colors.

Ghibli 93A

We were first turned on to these wheels by a local skate instructor, Dazzler Roller Dance, who loves the Ghibli 93A for wood and smooth concrete. With 5 different hardness options in the Ghibli lineup, there is something for everyone!  The Ghlibi are 57mm and geared towards freestyle skating. Individually handmade from polyurethane with the hub made from rigid shock resistant thermoplastic.

Komplex Ghibli Wheels 57mm
Ghibli wheels

Komplex suggests the following for different surfaces:

  • 88A - Expressly designed for extra-slippery surfaces, incredible grip
    • Surface: very slippery Parquet, very slippery varnished Wood, particularly slippery plastic surfaces
  • 90A -  Expressly designed for very slippery surfaces, excellent grip
    • Surface: slippery Parquet, slippery varnished Wood
  • 93A -  For slippery surfaces, very good grip
    • Surface:Slippery Parquet, slippery Wood
  • 96A -  Suitable for medium surfaces, excellent grip
    • Surface: Wood , slippery Cement
  • 98A -  Suitable for rough surfaces, good grip, excellent resistance to wear
    • Surface: Irregular Cement or rough cement, asphalt

Komplex Skating Wheels
Komplex Tango

We also carry the Komplex Tango wheel. Crafted with utmost precision, the Komplex Tango Professional Dance Wheels are meticulously handmade using pure polyurethane material. Each wheel is a testament to quality and durability, ensuring exceptional performance on the dance floor.

The hub, made from rigid shock-resistant thermoplastic material, is specifically designed to meet the demands of dance and show group skaters. Its sturdy construction provides stability and reliability, allowing you to execute your moves with confidence.

Choose from a range of hardness options tailored to your specific requirements:

88A: Expressly designed for extra-slippery surfaces, these wheels offer an incredible grip that defies expectations. Perfect for very slippery parquet floors, highly varnished wood, and particularly slippery plastic surfaces.

90A: Specifically engineered for very slippery surfaces, these wheels deliver excellent grip and control. Ideal for slippery parquet floors and varnished wood surfaces.

93A: Designed for slippery surfaces, these wheels provide a very good grip, enhancing your stability and precision. Suitable for slippery parquet floors and wood surfaces.

96A: Suitable for medium surfaces, these wheels offer excellent grip and maneuverability. Whether you’re gliding on wood or slippery cement, these wheels will enhance your performance.

98A: Designed for rough surfaces, these wheels offer a good grip and outstanding resistance to wear. Perfect for irregular or rough cement surfaces, as well as asphalt.

Upgrade your dance experience with the Komplex Tango Professional Dance Wheels. With their pure polyurethane construction and carefully selected hardness options, these wheels are the ultimate choice for dancers seeking unparalleled performance and durability.

Angel and Bolero Wheels

We will soon be adding the Angel and Bolero wheels and will update once they are available. Be sure to check out our full website and Instagram at BackBeatSkates for all things skating.

We are a Riedell boot fit specialist and we stock the most popular sizes of Riedell 172, 220, 297, 336 & 3200 so you can see and try the different models to find your perfect fit.  If interested in a boot fit appointment, please book it under our Practice Tab on the website.



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