If you are one of the many folks that have an uncomfortable spot on your skates that causes pain, the first thing you should try are different lacing techniques. Your skates should feel snug and your foot should lay flat. Your toes should be able to slightly wiggle but not be able to move forward or backwards.


Typically, low cut boots require 72” laces and high top boots could use either 120” or 144”. Be sure to check out all of the colors of Lucid Laces that we carry! Fun paracord laces that are reflective, which make a statement at the rink! We stock 120” and 144” and can special order 72”.

Lucid Laces
Lucid Laces Color Options


Here are a few tips for lacing your skates properly:


  1. Slide the lace through the pair of eyelets closest to the skate’s toe. Pull one aglet (the end of the lace) through the eyelet on the bottom right side of the skate. Then, pull the other aglet through the left eyelet at the bottom of the skate
  2. Pull on both sections of lace to make sure they’re even. Hold the pieces of lace next to each other, so you can compare their lengths. Then, tug on either lace as needed until they’re both the same length.
  3. Bring the left section of lace through the second-lowest eyelet on the right side of your shoe. Pull the lace out and over from the leftmost eyelet. Then, tug the same lace under and through the second-lowest eyelet along the right side of the skate.
  4. Thread the lace through the third-lowest eyelet on the left side of your skate. Like you did before, pull the lace out and over the top of the eyelet, and then under and through the third-lowest eyelet along the opposite side of your skate.
  5. Continue lacing in a zig-zag pattern until you reach the last set of normal eyelets. Follow the same “over/under” pattern that you used on the first eyelets. Continue skipping every other eyelet until you’ve zig-zagged through all the normal, circular sets of eyelets.
  6. Pull the right piece of lace over the existing lace and through the second-lowest eyelet. Your goal is to create matching, uniform sets of “Xs” going up the tongue of your skate. Get this pattern started by pulling the right, loose section of lace over the existing, zig-zagged lace.
  7. Slide the same section under the existing lace through the next open eyelet on the right. Each “X” should look exactly the same as the one beneath it. With this in mind, slip your lace under the existing lace, pulling it out through the third-lowest eyelet on the right side of the boot.
  8. Repeat the “over/under” lacing pattern until you’ve laced all of the normal eyelets. Always pull your lace over the existing lace when going from right to left. Then, tug your lace under the existing lace when you go left to right. Continue creating uniform “Xs” until you finish lacing all the circular sets of eyelets.
  9. Criss-cross your laces over and around the hooked eyelets. Hold the loose laces in both hands, with the rightmost lace crossing over the left one. Loop both laces over and under the first set of hooked eyelets. Then, pull the laces back around so they’re in front of the skate again. Continue looping the laces around the next few sets of hooked eyelets to help secure your skates.
  10. Tie the leftover laces into a bow. You can tie around your ankle and tie in a bow if your laces are long enough.  This offers a little more support around the ankle & keeps the laces from dragging.


If you are experiencing any pain or sore spots, please see the diagram below for additional lacing options.  If that still isn’t working, contact us for options on custom boots and a proper boot fitting!

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