Custom Riedell Boots

We are often asked what the difference is between a stock boot vs full custom boot by Riedell.  At Back Beat Skates, we stock the most popular sizes of Riedell 172, 220, 297, 336 & 3200 for customers to try on feel the different fits. All skates are built on different lasts, so some boots have wider toe boxes, some boots offer more ankle support than others and most of the boots are a different cut in height, giving a different fit.  Our boot fit service allows you to try on the different options to see if a stock boot works for you.  A stock boot is built on a last that is consistent without changes.  Customers can order custom colors through ColorLab for $160 plus the cost of the boot, which gives a full custom look.  This is a fantastic option if the stock boot is comfortable and fits great because it saves money.


Full Custom Skate Boot

A full custom boot is made for your specific foot.  During a boot fit, we measure you and start by having you try on a number of different stock boots.  If they are not a perfect fit, a full custom boot would be the best option.  We will trace your feet and take a number of measurements and the boot is made specifically for your foot.

Custom Riedell Roller Skates


One of the nice benefits of a full custom boot is the reduced break in time. You can customize everything from the colors to ankle support, eyelet & hook color, cork heel etc. There are so any options for full customs! One of the small features that I love is that your name is engraved on the sole of the boot. Currently, the cost of full customs are $999 for the boot only. If you want to make a few changes to stock boots as well as do ColorLab, full customs are a great option. By the time you add on your plates, bearings, wheels, laces & jam plugs or toe stops, the costs can add up.  We are excited to be able to offer Affirm financing, which allows you to split up payments & extend over a few months, which is really helpful to get you skating sooner!


A proper boot fit appointment is about an hour or so.  If you are interested in a boot fit appointment, please book here. There is no cost for the appointment and you will leave with a better understanding of what works for you.  If you are not local & do not plan to visit Southern California, contact us and we can help you out via Zoom. Summer is coming and it is the perfect time to get a new set up!  ColorLab and full customs take approximately 12 weeks to come in, so patience is key, but we are here to say, it is worth the wait!  Let us know how we can help!

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