RollerBones Swiss Ceramic bearings

With all of the bearing options out there, things can get confusing! We wanted to give a little history on bearings and specifically address the Swiss vs Ceramic Bearings question since we carry both options.


“Swiss” Bearings is actually a term apparently coined by George Powell and Bones in the ‘80s (Reference on Swiss Bearings). In the 1980s there were several manufacturers of bearings in America, but Japan and Germany (Fafnir) starting creating bearings that were better quality and less expensive. Because of this, George went on a mission to find the very best technology for bearings, and in doing so he stumbled across those made in Switzerland. These bearings had several very unique pieces of technology that allowed them to function at a level never seen before. He called these bearings “Bones Swiss” and the name stuck. Eventually, other brands jumped on the bandwagon and started to produce “Swiss” bearings.


Swiss bearings do not necessarily have specific components that make them “Swiss”. However, you should expect a much higher quality bearing because in general Swiss bearings are created with better technology than standard bearings. Basically, the term “Swiss” is an issue of history and technology and not necessarily a bearing made in Switzerland, though some of them still are. The technology of a “Swiss” bearing has to do with the casing of the bearing, the inside race, and the outside shields. So, in other words, any bearing that has some or all of these technologies qualifies as a “Swiss” bearing.

RollerBones Swiss Ceramic bearings     RollerBones Swiss Bearings

RollerBones Swiss Ceramic bearings are actually made in Switzerland.  Some characteristics of the Swiss Ceramics are that the ceramic balls are much lighter, harder, stronger, waterproof, and longer lasting than the finest steel balls.



  • Accelerate faster.
  • Roll faster and farther.
  • Resist dirt and moisture better.
  • Help to repair injuries to your races caused by dirt.
  • 1 non-contact, removable rubber shields allow easy cleaning.
  • High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed.
  • Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.


If you are looking for the top of the line, RollerBones Swiss Ceramics would be it!  Higher quality bearings such as RollerBones Swiss or Swiss Ceramics will give a longer, faster roll with less maintenance and last longer.


Bearings can be cleaned to extend the life of the bearing but if you buy a good quality bearing to begin with, they will give much better performance and far outlast cheaper bearings.

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