Komplex Angel Wheels 57mm 8pk



These wheels feature a double injection thermoplastic elastomer construction, utilizing the advanced Komplex formula. This ensures optimal durability and performance, allowing you to skate with confidence. The hard thermoplastic shockproof hub adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the wheels can withstand the rigors of artistic skating.
The thermoplastic elastomer treads are made with high-quality polymers, delivering a combination of grip and maneuverability. With a medium profile, these wheels strike the perfect balance for various skating styles and surfaces.

Choose from a range of hardness options to match your skating needs:

  • 40HD: Specifically designed for slippery surfaces, these wheels provide incredible grip. The white color scheme adds a touch of style to your skates. Ideal for parquet floors, very slippery wood, and slippery plastic rinks.
  • 43HD: Tailored for slippery surfaces, these wheels offer excellent grip, allowing you to maintain control. The tan color adds a visually appealing element. Perfect for parquet floors and very slippery wood.
  • 45HD: Expressly designed for slippery to medium surfaces, these wheels deliver a very good grip. The white/grey color scheme exudes sophistication. Suitable for parquet floors and slippery wood , and concrete surfaces.


Upgrade your skating experience with the Komplex Angel Artistic Wheels. With their advanced features and carefully selected hardness options, these wheels are a must-have for dedicated skaters seeking exceptional performance and style.

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Komplex Angel Artistic Wheels – the perfect blend of innovation and performance.

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Weight 5.72 kg

40HD White, 43HD Tan, 45HD Lavendar


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