Komplex Ghibli Wheels 57mm 8pk



Individually handcrafted using pure polyurethane, the KOMPLEX GHIBLI FREE SKATE WHEELS are the epitome of excellence. Designed for top-tier professional skaters, these wheels deliver unmatched performance and durability.

The wheels feature a hub made from rigid shock-resistant thermoplastic material, ensuring maximum resilience and reliability even during intense skating sessions. With the KOMPLEX GHIBLI FREE SKATE WHEELS, you can push your limits and perform with confidence.

Choose the ideal hardness for your skating needs:

  • 88A: Specifically engineered for extra-slippery surfaces, these wheels provide incredible grip. Perfect for very slippery parquet, highly varnished wood, and particularly slippery plastic surfaces.
  • 90A: Tailor-made for very slippery surfaces, these wheels offer excellent grip. Ideal for slippery parquet and varnished wood surfaces.
  • 93A: Designed for slippery surfaces, these wheels provide very good grip. Great for slippery parquet and wood surfaces.
  • 96A: Suitable for medium surfaces, these wheels ensure excellent grip. Perfect for wood and slippery cement surfaces.
  • 98A: Engineered for rough surfaces, these wheels offer good grip and excellent wear resistance. Ideal for irregular and rough cement as well as asphalt surfaces.

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Embrace the precision and performance of the KOMPLEX GHIBLI FREE SKATE WHEELS and elevate your skating experience to new heights. Whether you’re skating on slippery parquet, varnished wood, or challenging cement surfaces, these wheels are built to exceed your expectations. Unleash your potential and conquer any skating environment with confidence and style.

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88A Extra Soft Lavender, 90A Super Soft Peach, 93A Soft Mint, 96A Medium Yellow, 98A Hard Light Blue


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