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Radar Domino is designed for all types of indoor dance skating. The Domino offers a sensational combination of quickness and control and is unmatched for tricks. At 50mm tall, transitions, spins, and crazy legs are easier to perform and fast to transition in and out of. The 98A and 101A hardness offerings give skaters options for their style and conditions of the rink floors.



  • Made in USA
  • Category: Indoor performance
  • Skating discipline: Rhythm, Dance, Session, Shuffle
  • Size: 31mm x 50mm
  • Colors/Hardness: Black with silver print – 98A, Black with gold print – 101A
  • Hub Type: micro
  • Sold in packs of 4 wheels, so order 2 for a full set

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Who is Radar Domino for?
Domino is designed for all types of indoor dance and rhythm roller skating. From high-speed shuffle to middle work, Domino offers outstanding feel and control. Domino’s small 50mm height makes it maneuverable and very fun to skate. The formal shaped edge provides control and feedback to skaters who like to push the limits of what their skates can do. Domino might be the most fun wheel you have ever skated.

What surface is Radar Domino for?
Domino works well on all types of indoor rink surfaces. The 98A offers a bit more grip for those less-than-ideal floors or for skaters looking for the most control. For skaters wanting maximum roll or more access to slide, try the firmer 101A hardness.

Can Radar Domino be used for outdoor?
Domino is designed for indoor use on all types of rink floors and is not recommended for outdoor surfaces.

Is Domino good for all types of indoor skating?
Because of its small size, formal edge shape, and hard urethane compounds, Domino is best for dance and rhythm disciplines of skating.

Additional information

Weight 1.18 kg

98A Black/Silver, 101A Black/Gold


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